Picture session

Mick Otten, photographer of Nieuwe Wending Producties is often taken pictures of me and my associates. He didicated a blog, called 'destorminbeweging' to us. For more info use the link in 'my links'. At this page you see a few examples of a session where we, me and my associate Natasja, did a farewell picture session of the 'cocoon project'. Link to more pictures and info: destorminbeweging.de-laatste-cocons-gemaskerd
The sites of Mick Otten are all in Dutch!

The inspiration for this performances is from insects who cocooned themselves to a different state in their life. Transforming in a form which fits to to the demands of the stage in life where they are moving towards to.

In the original performance two dancers are transforming in a different state of mind, wriggling in their tight cocoon embracement. 
Once freed from the cocoon they can discover the new world.

In this session we didn't follow the choreography of the performance but we investigated freely what this wil do to us.

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